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About us                                                                                                                                                                                          Huddy Diamonds homepage

HUDDY DIAMONDS Ltd. is one of the leaders in manufacturing and distributing of diamond and TCT tools and small building machinery at the market of Czech Republic. Serving branches: construction, stone industry, glass industry, exploration and mining.

HUDDY DIAMOND Ltd. was established in 1992 as a sole agent of HUDDY DIAMOND Pty., South Africa for the countries of Middle Europe. During the last period new products have been included onto the company range and it´s own Research and Development department has been established. In 2005 HUDDY DIAMONDS Ltd became a part of Boart Longyear distributing structure.

ISO 9001:200 certificated

The products range is as follows:
Diamond tools:
- Blades for cutting:
- Asphalt
- Concrete and reinforced concrete
- Refractory
- Granite and marble
- Sandstone
- Glass
- Dry cut blades
- "Tuck point" blades – crack chaser blades
  - Discs for grinding
    - Double row type for asphalt / concrete / sandstone
    - "Cosmo" type for granite / marble
- Resin polishers
- Flat grinding tools for glass
  - Core drills for asphalt, concrete, sandstone, granite, marble, glass
  - Diamond wires for reinforced concrete, mixed masonry, granite, marble, sandstone
- Other diamond tools
  - Diamond dressers for hardmetal buttons
- Replacement diamond band saws
- TC tools
- TC-cutters, Milling flails, Beam Flails for asphalt and concrete
- Chisel bits and integral drilling steels

Small building machinery
- Core drill rigs and motors
- Wall saws
- Floor saws
- Bench saws
- Milling machines
- Shotblasters
- Floor grinders/concrete grinders/asphalt grinders/surface preparation machines
- Reversible plate compactors / forward soil plates
- Trench rammers
- Screeders
- Hand tools for paving

Complete range of the Boart Longyear Products
  - Wireline core system
  - Conventional core system
  - Overburden drilling
  - Drum cutters
  - Percussion drilling tools, DTH tools
  - Drill Rigs
- Surface Rigs
- Underground Rigs
- Environmental and Infrastructure
- Reverse Circulation

Special works
  - Asphalt and concrete cutting
  - Asphalt and concrete core drilling
  - Asphalt and concrete flat grinding
  - Concrete cutting - wall saw   - Chemical anchors

Special services
  - Custom-made production
  - Machinery rental

Ledařská 8
147 00, Praha 4 - Braník
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 244 461 926, 244 463 537
Fax: +420 244 461 927
E-mail: info@huddy.cz

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